Evanston, Wyoming is known as the “Home of Fresh Air, Freedom & Fun!” . Uinta County is located just north of the Uinta Mountains which have the distinction of being the only major mountain range in the United States that runs East and West rather than North and South.

Another unique distinctive of the local area is the Bear River which begins in a mountain plateau at about 10,000’ above sea level in the high Uintas then meanders approximately 491 miles from its headwaters before emptying into the mud flats of a broad bay on the east side of the Great Salt Lake. This makes it the longest river in North America that does not ultimately reach the sea.

Evanston at almost 7000’elevation offers a great number of things to do both in the outdoors and culturally. We are approximately 80 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah which gives locals a chance to enjoy big city life on occasion without having to give up the quality of life that a smaller community offers.

There are a lot of outdoors activities in our local area. Everything from hunting and fishing, camping, backpacking, mountain climbing, riding horses, rodeos, mountain biking, 4-wheeling and much more fun things to do.

Winter is also not lacking in activities to take part in. To the north and the west are world class ski areas, there are fantastic areas for cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing as well as, skating, ice-fishing and snowmobiling.

You name it and your favorite winter sport is not too far away. In fact Evanston is the official training home of the Jamaican Bobsled Team mainly because of the great facilities available nearby.

During winter months, city crews have snow removal down to a very efficient system and getting around is rarely a problem.

Evanston boasts, numerous city parks, the Bear River State park with its herd of buffalo and elk, and the Purple Sage golf course. We are home to the Uinta County Fair and a rodeo arena which hosts the world famous Cowboy Days Rodeo along with the Evanston Rodeo Series. About 30 minutes away you can visit the historic Ft. Bridger which is home to the annual Ft. Bridger Rendezvous.

Other annual events include New Year’s fireworks, the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race, Chinese New Year, there’s the Young Musicians Festival the BEARiverFest with its kayak races, Freedom Rally, High Uinta Classic Bike Race, Beer, Brats and BluegrassFestival, Fresh Air, Freedom & Fun Festival an Independence Day celebration followed by a fireworks display that is second to none with locals adding tons of their own pyro- techniques to the mix it’s always a day to remember. There’s the Evanston “Brewfest” and many more events, too numerous to mention. Let’s just say that Uinta County residents know how to have a good time and take advantage of our many unique opportunities.

Uinta County has strong, modern school districts with an up to date educational infrastructure in place. We have class rooms and labs that are up to date, teachers who care about educating your children and appropriate class room sizes.

Evanston boasts clean streets and inviting neighborhoods, an efficient refuse collection system and a responsive city government. Law enforcement helps keep our citizens safe and we have a very low crime rate. Evanston and Uinta County are family friendly and a wonderful place to raise children. Wyoming is also one of the few states with no state income tax. You won’t find a better quality of life or nicer people anywhere else and we are proud to be great neighbors.

These are just a few of the myriad reasons you will want to move to our neck of the woods. Come join us and soon you’ll be saying, “Howdy neighbor”