How Do I Choose A Real Estate Agent?

Choosing a Real Estate Agent that is a good fit for you and for selling your home is important.  Below are 5 of the top tips for choosing an Agent.
  1. Interview prospective realtors.
  2. Request previous and current client testimonials and/or contact information
  3. Review prospective realtors sales history
  4. Understand how they market their listings
  5. Don’t always select an agent because they offer the lowest commission

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Do I Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home?

Is it worth it or not to hire a Real Estate Agent?

A realtor will have knowledge of the local real estate market, which will help properly price the home for sale.  A home that is overpriced will be at a severe disadvantage when compared to other homes for sale in an area and potentially may not sell.  Your realtor will also help identify potential problem areas or concerns for you, the homeowner to address upfront and/or create allowances within the sales plan.

Bottom line, if you’re asking yourself if hiring a realtor is worth it, the answer is absolutely!

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