How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

There are many factors that contribute to the amount of time it will take to sell a home.  Below are some of the biggest contributing factors that impact the amount of time it takes from listing date to closing date.

  1. The current state of the real estate market (sellers market, buyers market, balanced market)
  2. Listing price
  3. Real estate marketing strategies used
  4. Number of inspection contingencies
  5. Buyers mortgage approval process
  6. The closing document review process

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Should I Stage My Home Or Sell It Empty?

Many home sellers wonder whether selling a home staged or empty makes a difference.  There are certainly Pros and Cons to both.

Some buyers cannot envision their own belongings in a home full of other peoples furnishings while other prospective buyers prefer to see how a room can be utilized.  One of the biggest considerations when determining whether to sell a home staged or empty is the price it would cost to stage a home.

If the cost to stage a home is thousands of dollars but the sale price would be thousands higher, it is likely worth staging a home.  The answer to this question is not concrete and will depend on each sellers situation.  It’s important that sellers ask their real estate agent what they think and why in order to make an educated decision whether to sell their home staged or empty.

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What Should I Do To Prepare My Home For The Market?

Home sellers who prepare their homes for the market, in most cases, will sell their home for more money and in a shorter amount of time.  There are certain steps that should be followed to make sure a home is both “market ready” and “show ready”.  There is only one chance to make a first impression with a buyer.  Review our home selling checklist for tips on how to prepare your home to be both ‘market” and “show” ready.

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What Are The Costs of Selling My Home?

Since a home sale is one of the biggest transactions someone will be involved in, it’s critical to know what all the costs involved are.  Below are some of the most common costs of selling a home.

  1. Brokerage fees/real estate commissions
  2. Seller concessions (if applicable)
  3. Title search
  4. Instrument survey
  5. Home warranty (if applicable)
  6. Transfer taxes
  7. Capital gain taxes
  8. Costs of various repairs from inspections
  9. Existing mortgages or home equity loans

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How Do You Determine The Market Value (List Price) Of My Home?

There are several methods that can be used to determine the market value of the home, with the most effective being the comparative market analysis (CMA) approach.

Other methods for determining market value include the price per square foot method and appraisal method.  It’s important that when selling a home, a seller understands how their real estate agent is going to determine the market value of their home.

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How Do I Choose A Real Estate Agent?

Choosing a Real Estate Agent that is a good fit for you and for selling your home is important.  Below are 5 of the top tips for choosing an Agent.

  1. Interview prospective realtors.
  2. Request previous and current client testimonials and/or contact information
  3. Review prospective realtors sales history
  4. Understand how they market their listings
  5. Don’t always select an agent because they offer the lowest commission

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Do I Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home?

Is it worth it or not to hire a Real Estate Agent?

A realtor will have knowledge of the local real estate market, which will help properly price the home for sale.  A home that is overpriced will be at a severe disadvantage when compared to other homes for sale in an area and potentially may not sell.  Your realtor will also help identify potential problem areas or concerns for you, the homeowner to address upfront and/or create allowances within the sales plan.

Bottom line, if you’re asking yourself if hiring a realtor is worth it, the answer is absolutely!

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